Using Data to Solve the Right Problems

Fall/Winter 2017 COLLOQUY Magazine

In this issue of the COLLOQUY Fall/Winter 2017 magazine we focus on how retailers can leverage data for maximum business impact. From data measurement to loyalty strategies, tapping into the right way to use data will support the building of successful relationships with your customers and is the key to maximizing business value. 

COLLOQUY Fall/Winter 2017 includes several of the industry’s most thoughtful leaders weighing in on an area of immense importance: data management that will lead to tangible improvements. Some of the questions we look to answer, and offer both guidance and tactics, include:

  • How do you identify which data is important?
  • Will benchmarking help in building a successful loyalty program?
  • How do you transform your data measurement insights into actions that will improve customer loyalty?
  • How can data enhance customer experience and add brand value as a whole?

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